Hope and help in a healing environment.


Camp Freedom is more than a hunt, fishing trip, or hike on our pristine 2,350 acres. It is an opportunity for those who are seeking continued healing in their life’s journey to find spiritual, physical, and mental peace that can only be found in the outdoors. We provide high quality outdoor adventures to our American Heroes combining each activity with peer-to-peer interaction and camaraderie. This combination helps our guests to find a new purpose, mission, and hope once again.

The opportunities for disabled Veterans, First Responders, their families, and Gold Star families at Camp Freedom are endless. Camp Freedom’s guests experience the outdoors in a safe and protected manner while giving them exposure to the life-healing benefits of outdoor activities with people who care deeply about them and their journey.

Our Mission

Camp Freedom provides outdoor healing adventures for disabled Veterans, First Responders, their family members, and Gold Star families. We provide extensive, year-round outdoor activities which remove individuals from clinical settings and place them into the healing environment of the outdoors and nature. These adventures also promote the social well-being of the participants through peer-to-peer interaction, camaraderie, and outdoor adventures.


Matt Guedes

Executive Director

Matt Guedes has more than twenty years of experience in the outdoor industry. His extensive background in this field serves him well as the Executive Director of Camp Freedom. For over 15 years, Matt has owned a hunting consultant business. Journey Hunts has paved the way for hunters and their families to encounter the outdoors in a memorable experience. He leads his staff to assist clients to have a hunt of a lifetime and enjoy the journey along the way.

Matt is an outdoor writer, pro-staff hunter, and sponsored hunter who has pursued various game in ten countries on five different continents. Matt has been a business consultant for several businesses in need of leadership and direction. He also named, created, and hired upwards of 70 personnel in developing a multi-million dollar recycling company which he managed for three years.

Matt graduated from Dickinson College in 1991 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He also served as an officer in the United States Army for 3 ½ years. Matt has pastored four churches for over 29 years in the ministry. He has been married for 30 years and has been blessed with three children.

Jamie Byrd

Assistant Executive Director

Jamie Byrd grew up hunting and fishing in the rolling hills of Western Kentucky. After the tragic events of 9/11, Jamie decided to join the U. S. Coast Guard. He began his career as a Gunners Mate and later transitioned to a Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist. Jamie served for 13 years until he sustained a career ending injury in 2013. During his time in recovery and rehabilitation, he formed strong bonds with the Navy Safe Harbor program as well as the Wounded Warrior Project. Because of their support and assistance, Jamie was able to transition to a civilian career and medically retire in 2015.

After leaving the service, Jamie worked in a various positions; all with a focus on helping others. He worked as manager for a non-profit organization, a trainer in a corporate position, and as a Human Resource Manager in a retail setting. Jamie takes pleasure in hunting, fishing, shooting, and 3D archery. He enjoys spending his time with his family and camping.

Jamie is a Global War on Terrorism Veteran with multiple awards for outstanding performance and professionalism in the United States Coast Guard. His educational career was completed through American Military University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management in 2015 and a Master of Business Administration with honors along with a professional certificate in Human Capital Leadership in 2018. Jamie has been married for 15 years and has been blessed with two children, Aiden and Brennan.

Hollis Damiano

Event Coordinator

Hollis Guedes-Damiano was born into a family of five where she is the youngest of three children. She has been involved in the outdoor environment her entire life. She spent a majority of her childhood living in Mesa, Colorado where she accompanied her dad on many hunts. Having shot multiple types of game herself, including mule deer, bear, impala and fallow deer, she gained a love for the outdoors and God’s creation. She enjoys most activities that involve the outdoors, especially fishing and hiking.

Hollis possesses the role of event coordinator for all activities hosted by Camp Freedom. She has helped develop and manage the logistics that create the main structure for every event. With having multiple family members serve in the military, Hollis has a great understanding of the mission to provide the necessary care for our service men and women. She makes it a point to implement that knowledge within every event and activity that Camp Freedom provides.

Hollis enjoys spending her time with her husband, Frankie, by accompanying each other in the outdoor activities they both love.

Frankie Damiano

Operations Manager

Frankie Damiano was born into a family of outdoorsmen where he was raised hunting and fishing in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Looking up to his Grandfather (United States Navy), and Father (Pennsylvania State Police), Frankie joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve shortly after high school. During his training, he achieved the Company High Shooter Award and received a meritorious promotion to Private First Class amidst graduation. He spent the duration of his service as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic for an Engineer Support Battalion where he also assumed the rank of Sergeant within his first four years of service.

Growing up in a blind next to his Dad, Frankie developed an unconditional appreciation for the outdoors. He loves all of the traditions and memories that were formulated just by spending some time in God’s creation with people he loved. He spends any time he can in the outdoors by hunting, fishing, hiking, and shooting his bow.

Always being one to help others, Frankie has made it a goal to use his experiences and lessons to assist others in finding that same love and appreciation for the outdoors so that they can create their own traditions and enjoy everything the wilderness has to offer. Frankie also enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his wife, Hollis, by sharing their experiences in the outdoors together.

Jay Rodney

Operations Coordinator

Jay was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania. He studied business and marketing prior to entering the food service industry. After starting a family in 2007, Jay moved into the sleep medicine field for a more stable home life. He found Camp Freedom in the fall of 2019 and began to volunteer. After his sleep lab closed at the end of 2021, Jay came to work full time at Camp Freedom. Now, along with labor duties and property management, he helps with the farming, cooking, videography, and photography throughout the seasons. It’s truly been a blessing coming to the team at Camp Freedom. Jay loves going to work every day to serve those who served our country and communities.

Mike Burkhardt

Fishing Coordinator

Mike is the son of an Army veteran and was raised with outdoor activities as just a normal part of life. In 1991 Mike graduated from Penn State with an associate degree in liberal arts. He worked as a lifeguard for several years at Promised Land State Park before having the opportunity to become a seasonal Park Ranger. Mike then worked as a kitchen consultant for 27 years, owning a showroom for the last 18 years. Towards the end of his kitchen career, Mike felt the need to shift gears and jumped at the opportunity to work at Camp Freedom. This allowed him to not just get to follow his passion for the great outdoors, but to have the honor to give back and help disabled Veterans, First Responders, and Gold Star Families.

Mike’s hobbies include kayaking, hiking, bow hunting, small game hunting with his beagles, turkey hunting, duck hunting, and fishing for anything (his favorite is fly fishing). Mike has been married to his bride, Carol, for 32 years and has been blessed with 2 boys, Jake & Ben.

Baylee Guedes

Multimedia Production Manager

Baylee Guedes is a multimedia journalist who joined our staff after graduation from Wilkes University in May of 2023 with a BA in Communication Studies. She oversees all of the social media for Camp Freedom, along with creating photo and video content. Baylee owns her own media company, Baylee Guedes Media, and continues to do freelance work for other individuals and companies. While at Wilkes, Baylee was the Sports Editor of The Beacon Newspaper, the Sports Director of Wilkes Now Television, a freelance photographer and videographer, while also running many social media accounts. Before her career at Wilkes, Baylee did many years of freelance photography and videography on various hunting excursions in North America as well as the Eastern Cape and Limpopo Province of South Africa. She also is a published writer on online hunting magazines. Baylee now brings her experiences and passion for photography and videography to Camp Freedom.

Gerard Zweier

Facilities Coordinator

Gerard is a Pennsylvania native, born and raised, originally from Southern Pennsylvania, moving to NEPA about a year and a half ago with his wife of 29 years. He was a self-employed carpenter/general contractor for over 25 years and is an avid outdoorsman that enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, and riding.

As a graduate of Kutztown University with a bachelor of fine arts with a woodworking minor, he also enjoys building original pieces of furniture and fixing anything mechanical. Along with his Bachelor’s Degree, he also has several certificates from the Warton School of Business for marketing, negotiations, and strategic management. Gerard has a long history of strong leadership in running not only his own business, but many other local community entities such as the youth soccer program and local swim club. He has helped multiple others start their own small businesses.

He has multiple family members and friends in uniform, past and present. Gerard has a heart for those who serve. Gerard is very family oriented and has two boys, Dalton and Jake, which he was lucky enough to have follow him north when he moved.

Justin Hoffman

Equipment Coordinator

Justin Hoffman is the son of a Vietnam Veteran and the brother of a Desert Storm Veteran. With over two decades of expertise in hardscaping, landscaping, heavy equipment operation, supervising teams of over 25 individuals, and marketing, Justin brings a wealth of experience to his endeavors.

His true passion lies in being outdoors and connecting with nature. Justin is deeply committed to assisting others, serving as both a team leader and a dedicated team player. He holds a strong enthusiasm for Camp Freedom, ensuring that everyone has an incredibly enjoyable experience.

During his leisure time, Justin finds joy in fishing at his cabin and embarking on adventures with his girlfriend, Jalissa. His family includes three daughters—Cena, Celeste, Cevaeh—and a stepdaughter, Braelyn.

Nico Warhola


Nico Warhola was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, developing a keen interest in the outdoors from a young age. With his father and older brother serving as role models, he quickly gained a deep understanding of the importance of outdoorsmanship.

Currently in his junior year at Holy Cross High School, Nico participates in track and field during both the winter and spring seasons.

Nico’s future plans include attending college and enrolling in an ROTC program. He is determined to pursue his passion for aviation and serve his country in the military.

Nico began as a volunteer at Camp Freedom during the summers of his freshman and sophomore years. Now, he is a part-time employee at Camp Freedom after school. Nico is committed to continuing his work of serving American Heroes at Camp Freedom and eventually hopes to serve his Nation as well.

Cory Walsh


Cory Walsh, a Pennsylvania State University graduate and a proud native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, was raised by a single mom who instilled in him the values of resilience and determination. Growing up in this environment, Cory found solace and a sense of purpose in the great outdoors. This early passion for nature and adventure laid the foundation for his future pursuits.

With a family history of military service, including members who have served in various branches, he carries a deep appreciation for sacrifice and service to our country. This background fuels his aspiration to work in the intelligence field, where he hopes to contribute his skills and knowledge to national security efforts.

Outside of his professional ambitions, Cory indulges in a variety of hobbies that reflect his love for the outdoors. From hunting and fishing to shooting and golfing, he finds joy and relaxation in these activities. 

Lori Strohl

Executive Administrator

Lori has been a part of Camp Freedom since its inception. Her involvement has become a crucial piece in its planning process due to her involvement in the events that sparked the concept of Camp Freedom which include the National Disability Awareness Shoots and monthly “fun shoots” for individuals with disabilities held at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays. In addition to her roles as Executive Administrator and Board Secretary for Camp Freedom, she manages the day to day operations at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays and is continually working on programs to introduce more women, youth, and individuals with disabilities to the shooting sports.

Lori has a great love of the outdoors, is a former Army wife & Marine mom, and has a strong passion for helping individuals adapt and overcome their challenges. Lori brings 20+ years of experience in travel and event management to Camp Freedom with a strong focus on active and wellness travel. She is a Certified Accessible Travel Associate and member of the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality.

Joseph Wahy III

Emergency Coordinator (Volunteer)

Joseph Wahy III has over 30 Years of experience in Emergency Service. He holds certifications as Fire Fighter 1, Vehicle Rescue Technician, Pro-Board certification in Haz/Mat operations, and several other certifications through Harrisburg Area Community College. Joe has served in every officer’s position for the Meredith Hose Company including 15 years as Fire Chief. He also served as President of the Upper Valley Mutual Aid Association. He is currently the Safety Coordinator for United Laminations Inc. Joe loves the outdoors. He enjoys camping, hunting, and fishing. Joe serves as the President of the Childs Hunting Club. Joe has been married to his wife, Alesia, for 28 years and has two sons, Joseph and Justin. Joe also serves as an ambassador for Camp Freedom.